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Welcome to the Claremont Colleges Philosophy Project! This site is here to offer helpful news and links to Claremont philosophy students and faculty. This project is also home to the biannual newsletter: The Hemlock Cup, edited by Pitzer Prof. Brian Keeley. (The newsletter is on a bit of a hiatus right now... but check out the back issues!)

Upcoming Philosophy Lectures & Events:



6:00, April 10, 2014— Location HRC (740 N College Ave) at CGU.


Mark Wrathall, UC Riverside

Title: "Anxiety and the Self in Heidegger & Kierkegaard"


4:15, April 21, 2014- Location: TBA at CMC.

Jennifer Nagel,

Nagel is an epistemologist and philosopher of mind at the University of Toronto.



4:15, April 24, 2014- Location: TBA at Pomona.

Helga Varden, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Title: TBA



April 25, 2014- Faith and Philosophy: A Conference in Honor of Stephen Davis, Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy, CMC .

Lunch: 11:00-1:30 at the Atheneum

Paper sessions: 2pm and 4pm.



Paul Redding, April 29, 2014 Location: TBA at CMC

Redding is Professor of Philosophy and ARC DORA Research Fellow

School of Philosophical and Historical Studies, University of Sydney. He works on Kant and Continental idealism.



Celebration of Professor Steve Erickson, E. Wilson Lyon Professor of the Humanities & Professor of Philosophy

50 Years at Pomona College

3:00-6:30, May 2, 2014. Location: TBA


Other Announcements:

The Southern California Philosophy Consortium

The Southern California Philosophy Consortium's aim is to facilitate high-quality philosophical engagement among graduate students and faculty in southern California through improved interdepartmental coordination. To this end, we are making available information about upcoming graduate seminars, colloquia, and conferences in the area.