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Welcome to the Claremont Colleges Philosophy Project! This site is here to offer helpful news and links to Claremont philosophy students and faculty. This project is also home to the biannual newsletter: The Hemlock Cup, edited by Pitzer Prof. Brian Keeley. (The newsletter is on a bit of a hiatus right now... but check out the back issues!)

Upcoming Philosophy Lectures & Events:



4:15, September 17, 2015 – Location: TBA at Pomona. 2015 Sontag Lecture

Jonathan Lear, speaking on "Psychoanalysis and Ethics"

Prof. Lear is the John U. Nef Distinguished Service Professor at the Committee on Social Thought and in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Chicago. He works in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of psychiatry.


4:15, September 22, 2015 – Location: Benson Auditorium at Pitzer.

Rebecca Comay, speaking on "Archive, Inventory, Testament:  Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project"

Prof. Comay is Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature, as well as Director of the Program in Literary Studies, University of Toronto. She will be speaking as one of the Pitzer College Munroe Center for Social Inquiry Fall 2015 speakers.


4:15, October 1, 2015 – Location: TBA at Pomona.

Michael Della Rocca, Title: TBA

Prof. Della Rocca is Andrew Downey Orrick Prof of Philosophy at Yale University and works on the history of modern philosophy (especially, Spinoza) and philosophy of mind.


4:15, November 19, 2015 – Location: Kravis 164 at CMC.

Amy Berg, Title: ""Ideal Theory and 'Ought Implies Can.'"


Abstract: On one hand, moral theory should provide a standard for us to live up to that does not yield to our individual flaws and shortcomings. On the other hand, moral theory should provide guidance we can use when deciding how to act. This issue is related to how to interpret the voluntarist constraint, 'ought implies can.' I argue that there are different modalities appropriate to different sets of obligations, and, hence, different readings of the voluntarist constraint: there is no single 'ought,' or 'can,' in 'ought implies can.' We must instead develop ideal and non-ideal moral theories, where ideal moral theory, constrained only by a thin sense of 'can,' sets the standard, and non-ideal moral theory, using thicker senses of 'can,' provides guidance.

Amy Berg (CMC'08) is currently a Ph.D. candidate at UCSD working on political philosophy and ethics and has related interests in philosophy of law, the history of ethics and political philosophy, and feminist philosophy.







4:15, February 4, 2016 – Location: TBA at Scripps.

Harry Frankfurt, Title: TBA

Prof. Frankfurt  professor emeritus of philosophy at Princeton University and author of several books in philosophy, including the 2005 best seller, On Bullshit. Professor Frankfurt will give the 2016 Merlan Lecture at Scripps.


4:15, February 25, 2016 – Location: TBA at Pomona.

Daniel Morgan, Title: TBA

Prof. Morgan is a philosopher and Associate Professor in the Dept of Cinema & Media Studies interested in the Philosophy of Film.


4:15, March 24, 2016 – Location: TBA at Pomona.

Stephen White, Title: TBA

Prof. White (PO '05, PPE major) is an ethicist and political philosopher at Northwestern University, interested in issues concerning partiality and impartiality, the morality of personal relationships, and how the sphere of public morality differs from private or personal morality.