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Welcome to the Claremont Colleges Philosophy Project! This site is here to offer helpful news and links to Claremont philosophy students and faculty. This project is also home to the biannual newsletter: The Hemlock Cup, edited by Pitzer Prof. Brian Keeley. (The newsletter is on a bit of a hiatus right now... but check out the back issues!)

Upcoming Philosophy Lectures & Events:



All events now passed.







4:15, February 5, 2015 — Location: TBA at Pomona

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Durham and at the University of California, San Diego, as well as a past recipient of a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship.


4:15, February 13, 2015 — Location: TBA at Pomona

Brian Leiter

Karl N. Llewellyn Professor of Jurisprudence at the University of Chicago Law School, and founder and Director of Chicago's new Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values.


4:15, February 26, 2015- Location: TBA at CMC.

Clare Batty

Prof. Batty is a philosopher and Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky who works on the philosophy of perception, especially as it relates to olfactory perception.


4:15, March 5, 2015- Location: TBA at Pomona.

Daniel Morgan

Prof. Morgan is a philosopher and Associate Professor in the Dept of Cinema & Media Studies interested in the Philosophy of Film.


4:15, March 26, 2015- Location: TBA at CMC.

Sarah McGrath

Prof. McGrath is an ethicist at Princeton University.


4:15, April 16, 2015- Location: TBA at Scripps.

Derek Parfit, Emeritus Fellow, All Souls College, Oxford will give the 2015 Merlan Lecture.

Prof. Parfit is the author of numerous books including the influential 1984 Reasons and Persons and On What Matters, 2011.


Other Announcements:

The Southern California Philosophy Consortium

The Southern California Philosophy Consortium's aim is to facilitate high-quality philosophical engagement among graduate students and faculty in southern California through improved interdepartmental coordination. To this end, we are making available information about upcoming graduate seminars, colloquia, and conferences in the area.